Espresso coffee in single-dose pod E.S.E. 100% COMPOSTABLE

Vicerè espresso coffee in single-dose pod, a new way to enjoy a creamy and aromatic espresso.
The best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee, skilfully roasted and blended to satisfy the taste of true coffee connoisseurs, with a simple and fast, but always perfect, as in the best bars.

The VICERÈ coffee pods are in 44 mm single-dose ESE format, made up of 7 grams of coffee, ground, pressed and packaged in a protective atmosphere to guarantee unaltered the taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

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Selection of the best arabica. Classic taste.
Pack of 20, 100, and 150 pods.


Full-bodied espresso with an intense flavor.
Pack of 20, 100, and 150 pods.


Light and liqueur taste, without caffeine.
Pack of 20, 100, and 150 pods.