Our Home Line is dedicated to all those who look for a good break in a good coffee, a moment of family and sharing. All our products are differently designed for different times of day: more full-bodied for the morning, more delicate for those who like a good coffee in mid-morning, maybe to offer to friends and colleagues.
A wide offer suitable for every taste and shape, gift packs and classic vacuum packs for home use.


Mixture of ground coffee specifically for the moka coffee pot.
Pack of 250g under vacuum.

Arabica 100%

100% ground Arabica coffee.
Pack of 250g under vacuum.


Ground coffee to get a creamy espresso at home as well as at the bar.
Pack of 250g under vacuum.


Decaffeinated ground coffee.
Pack of 250g under vacuum.

Barattolo 100% Arabica

100% Arabica coffee in elegant tin with airtight aroma-proof lid.
500g pack.

Barattolo Aroma Rosso

Ground coffee vacuum-packed with a sweet and aromatic taste.
Vacuum 250 g can.