Espresso coffee in compatible capsules 100% Compostable…

An espresso in an environmentally friendly single-dose capsule.
Tasting a creamy and aromatic espresso has never been easier even at home, in the office… anywhere. The best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee, expertly roasted and mixed to satisfy the taste of true coffee connoisseurs.
After dispensing, the capsules can be disposed of directly in the organic waste bin. 
Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso* systems.
* Caffè Vicerè s.r.l. is in no way connected to SOCIETÈ DES PRODUITS NESTLÈ S.A. Nespresso is a registered trademark of SOCIETÈ DES PRODUITS NESTLÈ S.A.

Packs of 50 capsules



A special blend for a special coffee,
after selecting the best coffees in the world
we managed to get a Unique coffee.
Full-bodied, aromatic and with a citrus note.



The 100% Arabica blend is a coffee
which releases an explosion on the palate
of sweet flavors and a citrus touch.



The right balance enclosed
in every single capsule of this
sweet blend, in name and in fact,
ideal after a dessert to close
a lunch or dinner.



For strong coffee lovers
to be ready early in the morning.
Our Intense blend is rich in body and taste.



For those who like to have coffee but
cannot take caffeine, our capsule
decaffeinated is right for you,
a coffee rich in flavor and body.



Possibility of customization.
With your logo on the label.