The Tradition of Coffee

Caffè Viceré continues to be faithful to tradition, serving our blends with care and professionalism with unique and unmistakable aroma: our bars, restaurants, hotels, in Italy and worldwide.


Once arrived at the roasting, the coffee beans are carefully selected before moving on to the actual processing process. The coffee is toasted with a very modern system that brings the grain to a temperature of 200/220 C °, then air-cooled and immediately packaged to ensure the customer and the final consumer the freshness and aroma that releases the freshly roasted coffee.

Our coffee is intended for those looking for the authentic taste of Italian espresso that we offer with our Bar Line, and our Gourmet blends, also available to families in the packages, pods and capsules versions to meet every need.

The mixing of coffee…

We import green coffee from the most distant countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, India, Indonesia and others, always looking for the best qualities.

Caffè verdeCaffè tostato

Green coffee is toasted and mixed, the blends are obtained by combining and harmonizing the different properties of each origin; the sweet and aromatic Arabica varieties, with the strongest and most full bodied Robusta varieties. The skilful mixing gives life to our 7 blends suitable for every palate.

You can find us…

For production and wholesale you can contact us simply by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, you can buy in our coffee shop in Rome (Via F. Grimaldi 108 – Via di Trigoria 136), or even in our online store where you will find all our range of products.

Wholesale supply of our products, available in various types of packs, which you can find out in the products section.
Caffè Vicerè makes deliveries directly with its own vehicles, always respecting the times that guarantee the fragrance of freshly roasted coffee.
The coffee wholesale service includes all the products of the Caffè Vicerè range.
Lovers of our coffee can contact the company directly to receive more information on the characteristics of each blend in order to choose the quality that best suits their tastes and those of customers in their business.

If you have a bar, a restaurant or you are a private person looking for a coffee with an intense flavor and an enveloping aroma, choose Caffè Vicerè.

Customized workings…

Our company offers those who want to customize the products with their own logo, is equipped with the best technologies, produces various types of coffee, bar blends, home, automatic distribution, in grains, ground vacuum, single-pod pod, capsule. .. in short, all the best to satisfy the most refined needs, always in the tradition of excellence of Italian Espresso.

Modern equipment and expert technicians

Nel nostro stabilimento,  tecnici esperti, veri maestri nella lavorazione del caffè, supportati da moderne attrezzature per la tostatura e il confezionamento preservano le qualità organolettiche con accurata attenzione, RISPETTANDO L’AMBIENTE con materiali eco sostenibili.

In our factory, expert technicians, true masters in the processing of coffee, supported by modern equipment for roasting and packaging preserve the organoleptic qualities with careful attention, RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT with eco-sustainable materials.

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